What's new in FairBot 4.8 vs 4.76?

  • Added an ability to sort ladders by different criteria with one mouse click. See the new button in the ladder header.
  • Added the Sport, Country and Details columns to the Market Watch List.
  • Added a competition name to the Football and Tennis scoreboards.
  • Automation. Improved the Dutching Action. It now allows you to implement strategies where you can choose selections manually or use conditions to identify them. It is done using the new "From the 'Apply-to-All' rule" option in the Dutching Action parameters. The feature gets selections (for the Dutching Action) at runtime from executed rules derived from an "Apply-to-All" rule.
  • Automation. The "Market Book Percentage" condition now allows you to choose selections from the "Apply-to-All" rule, similar to the Dutching Action.
  • Automation. Added the new "Market Football Match Period" condition. This condition allows you to determine the current football match period (1st-half, half-time or 2nd-half).
  • Automation. The new "Market Name Text" condition is added. It allows you to search for a specified text in a market name. For example, it can distinguish different race types/classes by searching for some keywords (like "Hcap" or "Mdn", etc.).
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.