What's New

What's new in FairBot 4.0 vs 3.91?

  • Added an ability to collapse/expand each bet section (Pending/Unmatched/Matched).
  • Added an ability to open a market in a separate window. This allows you to monitor more than one market at the same time.
  • Added the new “Profit” option, (below the Back Stake option), which automatically calculates your back bet stake size to keep the required profit fixed, no matter what odds you click.
  • Added the “Default” sorting option to the Grid. It is the same as “As on Betfair” sorting option but it does not change the selection positions in the Grid over time.
  • Automation: Added the “Count Fully Matched Only” option to the Selection/Market Bet Count conditions.
  • Automation: Added the “Apply to All” option to the Edit Rule dialogue which allows you to apply the rule to all market contenders/outcomes.
  • Automation: Added the “By Book %” staking option which allows you use stakes inversely proportional to the bet odds. Also it can be useful to implement a simple Dutching option.
  • Automation: Added the new “Selection Traded Amount” condition which allows you to measure the matched volume since the previous market refresh. Can be useful for detecting big bets (spikes) which may indicate a trend reversal.
  • Automation: Added the “True Percentage” odds offsets. This can be more useful than the “Exact Percentage” odds offsets in some cases. For example: 5.2 – 100% (exact) = 0; 5.2 – 100% (true) = 1.01.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.